UAE weather: 50.8 degrees C temperatures followed by hail, rain showers
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UAE weather: 50.8 degrees C temperatures followed by hail, rain showers

UAE weather: 50.8 degrees C temperatures followed by hail, rain showers

The NCM issued a yellow alert in some areas of Abu Dhabi advising residents to remain vigilant when outdoors

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In a welcome break from the scorching summer temperatures, parts of Al Ain city in the UAE experienced heavy showers and hail on Wednesday evening and into Thursday morning.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) shared this weather update on social media.

The UAE has been enduring soaring temperatures, with the mercury reaching a sweltering 50.8 degrees C on Tuesday, recorded at 3:45 PM.

The 50.8 degrees C temperature was recorded on Tuesday afternoon first in Al Shawamekh in Abu Dhabi at 02:45 PM and in Sweihan in the city of Al Ain at 03:45 PM local time, according to the NCM.

Given the challenging weather conditions, Abu Dhabi Police have urged drivers to exercise caution and adhere to variable speed limits displayed on road signs and electronic information boards. Sporadic summer rains are typical in the UAE and generally last until the end of September.

Dr Ahmed Habib from the NCM confirmed in a recent interview with local media that the UAE can expect more rainfall in the coming weeks, as is customary during the summer months.

NCM issues weather alert

A yellow weather alert was issued in some areas of Abu Dhabi, advising residents to remain vigilant when outdoors.

The NCM indicated that rain might affect certain eastern and southern regions, with winds potentially reaching speeds of up to 40 kilometres per hour. The yellow warning is expected to remain in place until 7 PM today.

Earlier in the day, a drizzle was recorded in Al Ain at around 8:47 AM. The NCM forecasts that thick convective clouds could form in the UAE’s eastern and southern regions this afternoon, but it remains uncertain whether they will bring hail as seen yesterday.

Today’s weather is predicted to be clear to partly cloudy, with low clouds covering the east coast this morning.

Temperatures are expected to be slightly lower than the previous days, reaching highs of 46 degrees C in Abu Dhabi and 44 degrees C in Dubai.

Humidity levels are expected to rise again this evening, continuing until Friday morning in some coastal areas.

While today’s temperatures are high, they fall short of the UAE’s record of 52.1 degrees C set in July 2002. The UAE sees temperatures regularly cross the 50 degrees C mark, during summer months but, it ranks low among the hottest places on Earth.

Image credit: World Bank Group

Here are the top 10 hottest places on Earth

  1. Furnace Creek, Death Valley (USA): 56.7 degrees C
    • Recorded on 10 July 1913, Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California, holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth.
  2. Kebili (Tunisia): 55 degrees C
    • On 7 July 1931, Kebili set the record for the highest temperature in Africa.
  3. Ahvaz (Iran): 54 degrees C
    • Ahvaz reached 54 degrees C on 29 June 2017, setting a record for the highest temperature in Asia.
  4. Tirat Tsvi (Israel): 54 degrees C
    • This temperature was recorded on 21 June 1942, marking the highest in Israel and, arguably, Europe.
  5. Mitribah (Kuwait): 53.9 degrees C
    • On 21 July 2016, Mitribah reached this scorching temperature, the highest in Asia at the time.
  6. Basra (Iraq): 53.9 degrees C
    • Basra recorded this temperature on 22 July 2016, a day after Mitribah’s record.
  7. Turbat (Pakistan): 53.7 degrees C
    • Turbat experienced this temperature on 28 May 2017, making it one of the hottest cities in Asia.
  8. Al Jazeera Border Gate (UAE): 52.1 degrees C
    • This temperature was recorded in July 2002, nearly matched again in July 2013.
  9. Mexicali (Mexico): 52 degrees C
    • Mexicali Valley recorded this temperature on 28 July 1995, showcasing the extreme climate of the region.
  10. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia): 52 degrees C
  • On 22 June 2010, Jeddah reached this temperature, surpassing a nearby record set three days earlier.

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