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UAE VP launches e-learning portal for Arab students

UAE VP launches e-learning portal for Arab students offers 5,000 videos and tutorials to Arab students

UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on Tuesday launched a new e-learning portal for Arab school pupils. is compatible with all common operating systems and offers 5,000 videos and tutorials on subject areas including mathematics, physics, Chemistry and biology for pupils in grades one to 12.

Among the goals of the platform are to make more educational resources available to Arab students globally, who often encounter a shortage of material in their native language.

Dubai Media Office said the content would eventually cover subjects including Arabic language, computer science, engineering, programming, artificial intelligence, and space science.

Madrasa will also work with educational institutions on a regional and global level to improve its offering.

“Building a better future for our region starts in the classroom and e-learning can bridge the knowledge gap in the Arab world. Technology can offer millions of Arab students the opportunity to develop their scientific capabilities. We aspire to provide world-class education to every Arab child,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

The Madrasa platform is one of the first outcomes of a translation challenge launched by Sheikh Mohammed last year. It required thousands of hours of work by volunteer translators, proofreaders, designers, technicians and voice-over artists.

Last October, the Dubai ruler also launched a project to teach one million young Arab people to code.

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