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UAE issues advisory for citizens in Lebanon

UAE issues advisory for citizens in Lebanon

Lebanon has been struggling to battle massive forest fires which erupted on Monday

The UAE embassy in Lebanon has issued an advisory urging all Emirati citizens to avoid visiting places affected by wildfires.

In a message on Twitter, the embassy urged UAE citizens to stay away from the mountainous region, where forest fires have destroyed vast areas in recent days.

It asked those in dangerous zones to move to the safe areas and also contact the embassy in case of any emergency.

Lebanon has been struggling to battle the raging forest fires that have spread due to a heatwave and strong winds.

Pictures shared show gutted homes and vast stretches of land scorched by the fires with smokes also bellowing over several parts of the country.

Lebanon has also requested for international help to put out the fires, which began on Monday.

The UAE, which had banned its citizens from travelling to Lebanon since the start of the civil war in neighbouring Syria, only lifted the restriction earlier this month.

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