UAE increases fees for vehicle registration, licencing
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UAE increases fees for vehicle registration, licencing

UAE increases fees for vehicle registration, licencing

A new unified fee structure came into effect on December 1


The UAE government has announced a new unified fee structure for vehicle registration, testing and driver licensing that will see prices for services in some emirates increase.

The new structure, published in the official gazette, came into effect on December 1.

The increases include Dhs350 for vehicle registration from Dhs250 in Dubai previously and Dhs150 for light vehicle testing from Dhs120 previously.

The fee for opening a traffic file for a driving license has also increased to Dhs200, while replacing a lost or damaged licence will cost Dhs100 and the issuance of a licence for more than a year will cost Dhs300.

Transferring another country’s licence to the UAE will cost Dhs600, first time light vehicle registration will cost Dhs400, change of ownership will cost Dhs350 and re-registration will cost Dhs400.

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Other charges include Dhs200 for opening a traffic file, Dhs200 for a driving theory test, Dhs200 for practical test, Dhs300 for setting an appointment for either test and Dhs100 for a medical driving test.

The revised fees will be charged in addition to regular service charges taken by authorities in the different emirates.


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