UAE includes Covid-19 under communicable diseases law; violators to be fined, jailed

Those who are infected and travel to any place other than a health facility are liable for imprisonment and/or a fine of between Dhs10,000-Dhs50,000

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The UAE Ministry of Justice, while retweeting a post by Sharjah News, on Monday evening confirmed that the Covid-19 was now included under the country’s law on communicable diseases.

The decision to include the virus under the law meant that those who violate the precautionary measures outlined by authorities to prevent the spread of the disease will be subject to imprisonment and/or fines.

For those who are infected by the disease and travel to any place other than a health facility without the approval of the ministry or health agency, they will be liable for imprisonment and/or a fine of between Dhs10,000-Dhs50,000.

The UAE reported on Monday that of the 45 new infections in the country, it included a man who arrived into the country and did not comply with quarantine instructions while awaiting his test results, thus transmitting the infection to 17 other people including his family members, relatives and co-workers.

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The total number of those infected in the country stands at 198 and includes 41 people who have made a full recovery.

The law on communicable disease extends beyond those who are infected and says that doctors, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and medical practitioners who do not report to the authorities someone who they suspect has been infected or has died as a result of the disease will also be liable for prosecution, reported Gulf News.

Besides the person who is infected, colleagues of the individual or the commander of a ship or aircraft or the owner of a vehicle in which a suspected case has travelled must report the same to the Ministry of Health within 24 hours.

Furthermore, any person who is aware of their infection and deliberately transmits the disease will be punished by a minimum prison sentence of five years and/or a fine of between Dh50,000-Dh100,000 dirhams, with repeat offenders attracting lengthier sentences.

The UAE Ministry of Interior confirmed on Monday that the UAE law on communicable diseases will be enforced against all violators.

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