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UAE government committee to examine private school fee increases

UAE government committee to examine private school fee increases

Hussain Al Hammadi said the education ministry would particularly look into unauthorised charges

The UAE minister of education has promised to form a committee to examine private school fees, according to reports.

The National quoted Hussain Al Hammadi as saying “many private schools added unapproved charges” that would be investigated.

This followed calls from the UAE’s Federal National Council for the government to assess private school fees and charges.

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Dubai representative Azza bin Suleiman said the issue needed to be addressed and fines should be enforced for unauthorised fees.

Currently schools in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are rated and can raise tuition fees based on their performance.

Fees typically range between Dhs60,000 to Dhs100,000 in the two emirates and many schools also have extra charges for text books, uniforms, interviews and the securing of a school place.

The increasing cost burden of education has led many UAE banks to introduce school fee loans and similar products.


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