UAE authorities consider unified speed limits, no more speed buffers

Abu Dhabi recently removed speed buffers on its roads

Authorities in the UAE are discussing plans to standardise speed limits and scrap speed buffers across the country’s main highways, according to reports.

The National cited Federal Traffic Council chairman and assistant commander-in-chief of Dubai Police major general Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen as confirming the change is on the council’s agenda.

Last month, Abu Dhabi scrapped its buffer allowing drivers to go 20kph above the speed limit on roads. Fines are now handed out for driving even 1kph over the limit.

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However, the buffer remains in place in the other six emirates.

Al Zafeen told a meeting of the Federal Traffic Council that unified speed limits needed to be studied more closely to determine how they could reduce traffic accidents.

Federal National Council member Saeed Al Remeithi indicated the buffer was a source of confusion for motorists.

“Part of the problem has been those who are aware of the buffer drive fast, while people such as tourists who don’t drive slower. This has caused confusion as well as accidents,” he was quoted as saying.