UAE assures evacuation of diplomatic mission from Kabul
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UAE assures evacuation of diplomatic mission from Kabul

UAE assures evacuation of diplomatic mission from Kabul

The UAE is also facilitating the safe evacuation of foreign diplomatic staff through its airports


The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has said that the evacuation of the country’s diplomatic mission from Afghanistan is ‘well underway.’

Several nations offered aircraft to assist in the evacuation effort of the UAE’s diplomatic mission. The diplomats were expected to arrive in the UAE from Kabul on August 16-17, according to local media reports.

“The ministry can also confirm that the UAE is currently working on facilitating a safe evacuation from Afghanistan through UAE airports, of diplomatic staff from France, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada, Australia, the Office of the United Nations Food Programme, the United States, Germany, and Egypt,” read a statement released on Monday.

“This comprehensive evacuation of embassy personnel is due to the current security situation in Kabul, which requires immediate action.”

On Sunday, August 15, an Emirates flight from Dubai abandoned its landing in Kabul and returned to the emirate.

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Emirates later announced that it has halted passenger operations to and from Kabul, while Dubai-based carrier flydubai too temporarily suspended flights to Afghanistan’s capital.

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Taliban leaders marched into Kabul on Sunday, preparing to take full control of Afghanistan two decades after they were removed by the US military.

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Skies over Kabul buzzed on Sunday with US military helicopters ferrying passengers from the US embassy. CNN reported earlier that the US will pull out all embassy personnel by Tuesday, leaving a small core of staff to operate from the airport. The embassy reported the airport was taking fire late Sunday, and instructed US citizens to shelter in place.

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