Afghanistan earthquakes kill 2,053 as death toll spikes

The quake hit 35 km northwest of the city of Herat, measuring 6.3 magnitude on the Richter scale


Earthquake hits Afghanistan, strong tremors felt in Delhi-NCR

There was no immediate report of any deaths or property damage

GCC unified visa

These are the world’s most and least powerful passports in 2022

As recently as 2017, Asian countries barely featured among the world’s 10 most-accepted passports

UAE aid to Afghanistan

UAE sends relief aid to support Afghanistan quake victims

Atleast 1,500 people were killed and over 2,000 injured in a powerful earthquake that struck Afghanistan on Wednesday, June 22

Two explosions outside Kabul airport wound US troops, Afghans

The blast occurred around the time President Joe Biden was scheduled to meet with his national security team about the situation in Afghanistan

Biden resists Afghan deadline pressure but seeks backup options

Biden promised his administration would spell out on Wednesday how many Americans remain in Afghanistan

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani in the UAE, says he is in talks to return

Ghani said he left Afghanistan to prevent “bloodshed and chaos”

Taliban vow no haven for terrorists, breaking with own past

“We assure the international community and especially the US and neighbouring countries that Afghanistan won’t be used against them” – Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed

UAE civil aviation authority says all flights to Afghanistan suspended

Desperate scenes played out on Monday at Kabul’s international airport, the only area still under US control

UAE assures evacuation of diplomatic mission from Kabul

The UAE is also facilitating the safe evacuation of foreign diplomatic staff through its airports

Taliban set to retake Afghanistan after two decades

The Taliban swept through Afghanistan in a matter of weeks, taking world leaders by surprise as they entered a vacuum created by departing US and NATO forces

Emirates flight returns from Kabul, flydubai temporarily suspends operations

Taliban forces now hold all of Afghanistan’s border crossings, leaving Kabul airport as the only route out

Covid-19: UAE suspends entry of travellers from Indonesia, Afghanistan

The move also covers travellers who were in these countries 14 days prior to coming to the UAE

Flydubai operates 23 repatriation flights, plans up to 10 more over the next week

The flights operated to Afghanistan, Croatia, Egypt, Iran, Russia, Sudan, Somaliland and Thailand