UAE amnesty may allow banned former residents to return
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UAE amnesty may allow banned former residents to return

UAE amnesty may allow banned former residents to return

The UAE’s first amnesty in five years has particularly flexible terms for illegal residents to correct their status


A three-month amnesty that begins in the UAE on Wednesday could allow former residents with an entry ban to return, according to reports.

The period is a rare opportunity for illegal UAE residents to leave the country without having to pay any fines or fees or receive a no entry stamp.

Those applicable can also correct their status inside the country by transferring to a new sponsor or acquiring a six-month job seekers visa.

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Gulf News cited an official source as saying former residents who got an entry ban while leaving the country could file for a tourist, visit, residence or investor visa during the amnesty period.

In order to qualify, they must have no pending legal cases against them and have not been convicted and served a prison sentence in the UAE for serious crimes like drug possession, human trafficking and assault.

Those that have served a jail sentence for minor crimes may be considered, the official said.

In addition, anyone banned from returning due to residency law violations like overstaying their visa or absconding can likely take advantage of the amnesty period.

“Still, the official clarified that each case will be scrutinised individually and a decision will be taken accordingly,” Gulf News said.

The amnesty period, which begins on August 1 and will last until October 31, is the first in the country for five yeas.

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The terms are particularly favourably for illegal residents with even those that entered the country illegally able to leave voluntarily and only receive a two-year ban from returning.

Nine centres have been set up across the country to handle amnesty cases.


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