Truly Secure partners with immersive learning platform Edify
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Truly Secure partners with immersive learning platform Edify

Truly Secure partners with immersive learning platform Edify

The partnership builds secure metaverse learning and training platform for the MENA Region

Divsha Bhat
Truly Secure

Truly Secure, the cybersecurity provider in the Middle East, has announced its partnership with Edify, the immersive learning platform for higher education and enterprise training.

The partnership aims to ensure availability and data security for Edify’s users.

Edify utilises the metaverse to level up skills training and learning outcomes through limitless access to richly immersive educational experiences.

Meanwhile, Truly Secure will ensure Edify’s software and content development team as well as end-users of the platform remain protected from potential data breaches, reinforcing confidence within the sector. The company’s experience in handling digital transformation through cybersecurity, modern workplace and cloud services will enable Edify to grow and reach a global user base in a safe and sustainable manner.

The partnership between both the organisations came into fruition shortly after witnessing the increasing demand for technology within the education sector. The growing trend for students to access educational content with the click of a button from anywhere in the world has accelerated the need for innovative security solutions.

Truly Secure offers strategy, data centre, cloud services, cybersecurity, and DevOps to build modern workplaces, ensuring companies are provided with the optimal technological solutions. Mitchell Mobayed, co-founder of Truly Secure, commented, “We look forward to further developing our partnership with Edify to provide the company with peace of mind about their IT infrastructure. This will enable Edify to focus their energy on offering learners around the world the opportunity to further their education through the use of technology.”

Chris Bryson, co-founder and COO, Edify added: “We welcome Truly Secure’s partnership in supporting our growth and look forward to having them by our side as technology advances, and risks arise. We understand the importance of IT security and trust our partnership will alleviate any risks we may encounter.”

Edify empowers future-ready learning and skills training through boundaryless access to immersive content, experiences, and collaboration. The firm’s platform works across devices and geographies. Learners can access immersive content in-person and remotely, with or without access to VR hardware.

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