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Kuwait Cyberattack

Kuwait: Finance Ministry says cyberattack hit one of its systems

The ministry has been in contact with National Cybersecurity Center for updates and assessment of the hack

physical security

Why physical security and cybersecurity should go hand-in-hand

A look at how organisations can shore up their cyber defences with the help of physical security protocols

Physical Security

Insights: Exploring career paths in the evolving physical security industry

Physical security industry will require a diverse workforce populated by multifaceted individuals with varied backgrounds who can demonstrate the strategic acumen, technical knowledge and analytical skills


Insights: How to spot AI ‘snake oil’ in cybersecurity

Organisations often overlook vital inquiries about AI despite their understanding and use of predictive analytics and other advanced technologies

Travel tips

Insights: Safeguarding against online identity theft during travel

We look at top eight cyber travel tips to keep in mind when travelling

Cybercrime laws Image Getty Images

UAE data laws: Cybercrime offenders to face up to 5 years in prison, huge fines

This is according to Article 8 of Federal Decree Law no. 34 of 2021, on combatting rumours and cybercrimes


Tesla data breach blamed on ‘insider wrongdoing’ impacted 75,000

The people appear to be current or former employees of the Austin, Texas-based automaker

Business email compromise

How companies can defend against business email compromise

Strategies that firms should follow to build security into their business processes

integrated cyber defence

Help AG’s Stephan Berner on the importance of integrated cyber defence

The integrated approach to cyber defence is one of the technology trends that will dominate in coming years, says the CEO of the company

Dubai bolsters its cybersecurity strategy

Dubai launches second cycle of its cybersecurity strategy

The city has emerged as a global leader in cybersecurity by implementing secure digital systems and adopting advanced technical solutions

EDGE expands portfolio with acquisition of Oryxlabs

EDGE expands portfolio with acquisition of Oryxlabs

The acquisition is expected to elevate the defence group’s portfolio of advanced technology solutions

Cyber Week

Cyber Week 2023: Top cybersecurity experts gather to discuss latest trends

The annual cybersecurity event, hosted at Tel Aviv University, successfully concluded its 13th conference last month

Zero trust

Zero trust is top cloud security priority for next year, research finds

‘Future of Cloud Security in the Middle East’ report found that security experts would prioritise zero trust strategies ahead of data and privacy and compliance

Al Kuwaiti

Dr Al Kuwaiti leads UAE delegation at Cyber Week, highlighting UAE-Israel cyber alliance

Cyber Week is an annual international cybersecurity event, hosted at Tel Aviv University in Israel for last 12 years

sustainable development

How cybersecurity is helping global sustainable development

Cybersecurity requires a holistic view of the many different factors that contribute to our digital security, says Kaspersky

artificial intelligence

The impact of artificial intelligence developments on cybersecurity

In order to thwart potential cyberattacks and better protect businesses and individuals against cyberthreats, security players are closely monitoring developments in AI


Renault-led concept car offers cyberattack protection

The system will be available with the future Renault 5, which is expected to go on sale next year

wearable device

How wearable device manufacturers can ensure end-to-end security

One of the main challenges of securing wearable devices is that they are often connected to other devices, weaving a complex network with endless entry points for cybercriminals

META cyber threat and hacker attack

Here’s why the META region is prone to mobile financial scam

Cyberthreats for Android users remain prevalent in the META region as the operating system holds a dominant market share


Top 12 tips to keep your business safe from cyberattacks

While there is no way to guarantee that an organisation will never be attacked, they can take some simple steps to protect their business


Understanding cybersecurity issues that keep organisations on their toes

With employees now working virtually from anywhere, newfound security challenges have emerged


ChatGPT and cybersecurity: With great power comes great responsibility

ChatGPT is helping advance the fields of marketing, education, entertainment and more, but it is also crucially exposing them to cybercrimes

Huawei cybersecurity

Huawei joins industry leaders in Baku to address cybersecurity challenges

Top cybersecurity experts from the Middle East and Central Asia convene at an exclusive roundtable alongside GSMA M360 EURASIA 2023 Conference


The changing face of cybersecurity industry in the Middle East

Group-IB examines the three key developments that will shape the cybersecurity industry over the coming months


Over 60% CISOs in UAE, Saudi Arabia voice concerns over cyber resilience preparedness

New research from Trellix highlights the critical resource gaps reported by two in three CISOs surveyed across the UAE and Saudi Arabia


Veritas recommends two essential steps to safeguard enterprises against cyberthreats

Companies relying more on native security tools are hit harder by ransomware than organisations that rely less on native security tools, and more on purpose built solutions

Hybrid cloud

Insights: Facing the cyber-unknown in the hybrid cloud labyrinth

According to IBM Security researchers, 45 per cent of breaches in 2021 happened in the cloud


How cybersecurity can be a powerful shield against threat actors

The rise of remote work and the increasing reliance on technology has made businesses and individuals more vulnerable to ransomware attacks


Protecting data in the cloud: Who’s responsible?

Contrary to popular belief, the cloud provider will not always provide the business with all the necessary tools to combat cyberattacks


These are the top 8 cybersecurity predictions for 2023-2024

Human-centric security design is modelled with the individual — not technology, threat or location