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Arrests made in Twitter hacking case, 17-year-old Florida native alleged ringleader

Tampa teenager, two others, targeted accounts of high-profile individuals in a bitcoin scam

Garmin restores some services, a week after a ransomware attack

Garmin has obtained the decryption key to recover its computer files

Google to use authenticated logos to reduce phishing attacks

Scammers hijack the logos of popular brands to trick people to click on malicious links or share personal details

Gonzalo Usandizaga

Why businesses within the Middle East need to guard against a “new normal” wave of cyberattacks

While cybersecurity systems in place may have been enough before the pandemic, companies need to reassess their frameworks in light of this increased stress to ensure business continuity

Update: Garmin yet to recover after ransomware attack

Ransomware attacks are increasing in their frequency and intensity

Twitter says direct messages of 36 people were accessed in last week’s hack

Hackers last week hijacked accounts belonging to several high-profile figures

Is your supply chain exposing your business to cyber risk?

Unfortunately, most companies don’t even know who their vendors and partners are

Hackers breach Twitter, steal thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency

Twitter accounts of high-profile people and companies hacked into