Trellix to present ‘Living Security’ XDR architecture at Gitex Global
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Trellix to showcase ‘Living Security’ XDR architecture at Gitex Global

Trellix to showcase ‘Living Security’ XDR architecture at Gitex Global

The company will also exhibit demos on its endpoint, data security and professional services consulting


Trellix, the cybersecurity company at the forefront of extended detection and response (XDR), has announced that it will be making its Gitex Global debut at the 2022 edition of the show, to be held in Dubai, UAE from October 10-14.

Under the theme of ‘Living Security’, the company will showcase how Trellix XDR — with its unique ability to learn and adapt while being open and native — enables organisations to stay one step ahead of adversaries, adapt to new threats and accelerate detection and correction.

“Organisations in the region have come to recognise that as the threat landscape expands and attackers get craftier and more sophisticated, adding more security tools is not the answer. To the contrary, there is actually a need for fewer vendors, platform consolidation and integrated frameworks with the tools already available. This is where an XDR platform can prove to be immensely valuable,” noted Vibin Shaju, general manager – UAE, Trellix.

At the event, visitors to the Trellix stand will have the opportunity to understand how the company’s XDR platform is redefining the future of cybersecurity. The Trellix XDR ecosystem allows organisations to bring security to life, empowering organisations to stay one step ahead of attacks. Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, the living security platform is always learning and adapting, so businesses can remain resilient with advanced detection, response, and remediation capabilities. By outfitting organisations with native and open technology, Trellix XDR give them the ability to safely manage their IT ecosystems — no matter their unique circumstances. Finally, by embedding intelligent tools in their operations and offering expert insights to their security teams, Trellix ensures companies are better prepared to handle incidents when they do occur.

In addition to Trellix XDR, the company’s showcase will also include demos on Trellix Endpoint and EDR, Trellix Data Security and Trellix Professional Services Consulting.

“We have been operating in the region for over 20 years and remain committed to providing tailored security architectures for enterprises across all sectors. We are now consolidating the McAfee Enterprise and FireEye teams in the region to become one of the biggest dedicated cybersecurity providers going in to 2023 and Gitex gives us a wonderful opportunity to showcase our unique value proposition for regional businesses,” concluded Shaju.

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