Tourists in Dubai can now get a free 30-day liquor licence

The measure has been rolled out this summer is open to all non-Muslim tourists

Dubai will now offer tourists a free one-month liquor licence to buy alcohol during their stay in the emirate.

Previously, tourists were not allowed to purchase alcohol in the emirate.

The measure has been rolled out this summer to help visitors stay on the right side of the law when visiting Dubai.

In order to get their licence, tourists can visit an African + Eastern or MMI liquor store with their original passport, fill out a form and sign an official declaration.

The licence will be valid for 30 days and applicable for renewal if the tourist chooses to extend their stay.

The process is free and open to all non-Muslim visitors to the UAE who are over the age of 21.

Under UAE law, even residents must have a liquor licence in order to purchase and consume alcohol in Dubai.

In April, it was announced that the process of getting a liquor licence in Dubai had been simplified further.

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