This sales management software enhances the ‘sales experience’ for both customers and sales reps
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This sales management software enhances the ‘sales experience’ for both customers and sales reps

This sales management software enhances the ‘sales experience’ for both customers and sales reps

Dubai-based Loyica has helped small and medium businesses weather through uncertainty with their customer-centric approach


At the heart of every successful business is customer satisfaction. When a customer is happy with a company’s products and services, the said customer is more likely to purchase again in the future. This is why to Loyica, a Dubai-based tech company, the roadmap to growth for their small and medium-sized partner businesses lies in enhancing the sales experience for both customers and sales representatives.

That “sales experience” is a next-level concept founded on the theories of customer experience (CX). It is concerned with improving not just the experience of the customers during the sales process but also of the sales representatives. In effect, sales representatives become better equipped with the knowledge to personalise their service with each customer, thereby improving customer satisfaction, and consequently, customer retention.

This has been supported by studies such as those conducted by Temkin Group. They found out that companies that invest in CX and earn $1bn annually can expect to earn an additional $700m within three years. Big brands such as McDonald’s are also jumping on the bandwagon. By investing in digital platforms, they can personalise the digital customer experience and use data to gain a competitive advantage.

Enhanced sales experience

Technological innovations and creative solutions are required to implement new growth strategies. To address a rising need to improve sales processes, Loyica developed Saphyte, a cloud-based CRM that allows users to leverage customer-related data to personalise future service offerings.

Ali Homadi, founder and CEO at Loyica, said in a statement how an “enhanced sales experience” helps their partner businesses find stability amidst uncertainty brought about by the pandemic.

“Customers are more likely to purchase from your business in the future if they feel that their needs and preferences are being catered to perfectly. It’s, therefore, necessary to ensure a smooth customer experience so we can increase retention, despite ongoing market disruptions,” said Homadi.

“When a sales representative has all the tools and data available to serve the unique needs of the customer, it makes it easier for the representative to choose and implement the best workflow fit for the customer. This helps us achieve customer satisfaction,” added Homadi.

McKinsey reported that when businesses focus on the customer, along with improvements in IT and operations, they can generate a 20 to 30 per cent uplift in customer satisfaction, 10 to 20 per cent uplift in employee satisfaction, and economic gains ranging from 20 to 50 per cent of the cost base addressed in the various journeys.

Continuous innovation for growth

Adopting the right technology is as important as choosing the right people to run the business. For Joshua Yates, sales director at Saphyte, the technology provided by tech companies should be able to adapt to the business environment of the user.

“One of the biggest challenges in the tech industry is the ongoing demand for something new, modern, and relevant. This pushes companies to innovate and refine their technology that those who refuse to rise to the challenge are easily left behind,” said Yates.

“Saphyte’s team ensures that our tools and functionalities are updated, that they are proven to make businesses grow. This is especially important when the impact of the pandemic on customer behaviour has been drastic and apparent,” added Yates.

With the “new normal,” companies can get a head start and cement their advantages by making the right investments. According to McKinsey, with the increase in online traffic as an emerging trend, what will define the customer experience in the post-pandemic era are digital excellence, safe and contactless engagement, and dynamic customer insights.

“Saphyte is an ecosystem of team and workspace, marketing, sales, support, and solutions that allows sales and marketing teams to work together efficiently. By providing the right digital architecture suited to their needs, our partner businesses will now be armed and ready to engage their customers online,” said Yates.

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