The Most Expensive Gadget Splurges

Gulf Business lists the most expensive gadgets money can buy.

Sky Moon Tourbillon watch by Patek Philippe

Cost: $1.3 millionThough we can’t imagine anyone would turn their nose up at this timepiece, its astronomical design will particularly favour those who like to spend their evenings watching the stars, wondering what the time is. Patek Philippe has called it the most intricately designed watch the brand has ever made and that’s no surprise given it has two faces – one for your normal day-to-day time keeping and minor moon-gazing activities, the other, more celestial side, displays a sky chart and the moon’s phase and orbit. You’ll be so busy staring at your wrist you’ll miss the UFO landing.

Owning the latest gadget nowadays is much like owning the latest sports car – if you don’t have one, you’re just not cutting it. But as modern technology becomes more accessible to the wider public, wealthy fans of the latest gadgets and gizmos are taking extra steps to ensure their tech belongings stand out from the rest.