The Gulf’s Top Five Offices
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The Gulf’s Top Five Offices

The Gulf’s Top Five Offices

Gulf Business takes a look at the region’s coolest offices:


How do you define cool? It’s a popular adjective used to describe anything and everything that takes a person’s fancy.

The latest Ferrari is generally considered cool. A fancy apartment on The Palm is cool. Gadgets, Blackberrys, i-Pads, shoes, watches and jewellery can all be described as cool.
One thing that doesn’t seem to be given the ‘cool’ term that often though is the workplace.

So here at Gulf Business we decided to search for the coolest offices in the region. This didn’t necessarily mean the most expensive. To be rated as cool, offices were judged on the following criteria: design, decoration, interior, exterior, location, view and most of all, something unique and quirky that gives a genuine ‘cool’ aspect.

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