Sheikh Hamdan signs off on MBZ-SAT launch

Dubai: Sheikh Hamdan signs off on MBZ-SAT launch

Set for launch no earlier than October, the launch of the MBZ-SAT marks a significant milestone for UAE’s space sector

SpaceX rocket

Space startups see funding surge as spending remains high

Funding for global space startups rose to $6.5bn in the first quarter ended March 31, from $2.9bn a year earlier

MBRSC, HCT commence work on milestone HCT-SAT 1 project Image Dubai Media Office

MBRSC, HCT kick-off landmark student-led HCT-SAT 1 project

This Earth-observation cubesat, a miniaturised satellite measuring just 10cm x 10 cm x10 cm, is slated for launch by the end of 2024

US private space lander Peregrine headed to the moon Image courtesy United Launch Alliance- Instagram

WATCH: Historic private US Peregrine mission launches, en route to the moon

The robotic lander aims to become the first private spacecraft ever to touch down softly on the moon

Sultan AlNeyadi set to return to Earth on Sept-3-GettyImages

Sultan AlNeyadi goes from space to UAE Minister of Youth

Sultan AlNeyadi has been named as the UAE’s new Minister of Youth, following a cabinet reshuffle by Sheikh Mohammed

G20 in Delhi AlNeyadi billboards adorn Delhi Image courtesy WAM

G20 Summit: Billboards in Delhi celebrate UAE’s Sultan AlNeyadi

AlNeyadi successfully completed the longest Arab space mission aboard the International Space Station

ALNeyadi space experiments Image courtesy WAM

AlNeyadi conducted over 200 research experiments on ISS. Here are some highlights

The experiments covered topics including the cardiovascular system, epigenetics, plant biology, human life sciences, material science, sleep analysis and advanced exploration technologies

Chandrayaan-3 artificial intelligence

Chandrayaan-3 moon landing: How artificial intelligence played a key role

The integration of AI-driven sensors in Chandrayaan-3 was instrumental in ensuring a safe lunar touchdown

Yahsat satellite

Serco launches graduate space programme in Saudi Arabia

Positions will include a secondment in Europe to gain experience with international space programmes

UAE Space Agency

UAE Space Agency invites private sector to join Emirates Mission to Asteroid Belt

This comes as a result of the agency’s commitment to award at least 50 per cent of the overall contracted mission to private sector companies

Arabsat BADR-8 launch Image credit Arabsat

Arabsat launches Badr-8 satellite, in partnership with Airbus and SpaceX

The 7th generation satellite successfully lifted off from launch complex 40 at Cape Canaveral air force station


Saudi space mission to launch on May 21, crew includes first Arab woman at ISS

The mission is part of the kingdom’s astronauts’ programme, which was launched on September 22 last year

Yahsat Ali Al Hashemi

Yahsat reports record Q1 2023 revenue to the tune of Dhs369m

Yahsat’s net income and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation both grew by 35 per cent and 4 per cent respectively year-on-year

Sultan AlNeyadi

Watch live: Sultan Al Neyadi becomes first Arab astronaut to perform a spacewalk

The UAE will become the 10th country to perform a spacewalk on the ISS, while Al Neyadi will be part of the 261st spacewalk

Rashid Rover

Rashid rover 2: Sheikh Mohammed announces new Moon mission

The announcement follows the likely hard landing of the Hakuto-R Mission 1 spacecraft carrying the previous Rashid rover, to the lunar surface

ispac Hakuto lunar lander ission

UAE Moon mission: Contact lost with HAKUTO-R lander, hard landing on lunar surface likely

Engineers from ispace are working on a detailed analysis of the telemetry data acquired until the end of landing sequence to find out the root cause

Rashid Rover

UAE’s Rashid rover to land on Moon on April 25

The rover is currently orbiting the Moon at an altitude of about 100km at the perilune and about 2,300 km at the apolune

DEWA twitter SAT-2 6U nanosatellite to launch in April

DEWA’s SAT-2 6U nanosatellite to launch in April

The 6U nanosatellite will be launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California

Sharjah Satellite launch photo courtesy WAM

Sharjah Sat 1 successfully launches from Cape Canaveral, Florida

The expected lifetime of the satellite is three years during which it will monitor X-ray emissions from celestial bodies and other phenomena

- MBRSC will share vital information from Dubai Municipality’s DMSat-1 satellite to contribute to global efforts to monitor the impact of climate change - Salem AlMarri: “This is a significant step, undertaken in partnership with Dubai Municipality, to fulfill our mission to initiate collaborations with global organisations to use DMSat-1 data - Dawoud Al Hajri: DMSat-1 has introduced significant innovations in environmental monitoring in the Arab world, and is now making vital strategic contributions on a global scale The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has officially joined the Space Climate Observatory (SCO) International, a global consortium of space agencies and organisations led by The National Center for Space Studies (CNES) that seeks to coordinate worldwide efforts to accurately monitor the impact of climate change. The initiative to join the charter forms part of the cooperation between the UAE and France on future space endeavours. In joining the SCO International, MBRSC has committed to sharing with the international space community information from the DMSat-1 satellite, Dubai Municipality’s first atmospheric monitoring satellite launched in 2021. Using data from the satellite, Dubai Municipality has been actively promoting measures to protect the environment, thereby significantly raising Dubai’s profile as a global model for sustainable development. As part of fulfilling the obligations of MBRSC’s membership in the SCO, Dubai Municipality has already started generating significant data and findings from DMSat-1. Since its launch, DMSat-1 has played a key role in monitoring the UAE’s atmospheric aerosols and greenhouse gases and chemicals, substances that have influenced climate change across the world. Salem AlMarri, Director General of the MBRSC has signed the SCO’s charter, paving the way for the UAE’s official membership in the international network. “This is a significant step, undertaken in partnership with Dubai Municipality, towards fulfilling our mission to initiate collaborations with international organisations to use the data we collect from DMSat-1. Our efforts will contribute to global efforts to monitor the impact of climate change, a critical issue that is vital to the sustainability of the planet and the survival of mankind,” he said. AlMarri noted that the scale and magnitude of the impact of climate change necessitates a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, such as the SCO International’s important work in gathering data from satellites to help formulate action plans that will ensure the preservation of the planet for present and future generations. “It is an honour to be a part of a global initiative and to join hands with Dubai Municipality to put the UAE at the forefront of such efforts,” he added. The development of DMSat-1 forms part of the UAE’s commitment to the terms of the Paris Climate Agreement, which calls for providing data on greenhouse gas emissions from signatory countries, as well as building national capacities in studying and analysing global warming. The satellite’s launch and operations are part of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and UAE Energy Strategy 2050. The data collected by the satellite will also contribute significantly to the implementation of the national system for managing greenhouse gas emissions within the framework of the UAE National Plan for Climate Change 2017-2050. His Excellency Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: “We are pleased to start cooperating with international organisations to share the data we collect from DMSat-1. The satellite has deployed advanced monitoring techniques and mechanisms in the field of air quality assurance and the reduction of air environment pollutants, in line with global developments in the field of space data and remote sensing. The nanometric satellite, which has introduced significant innovations in environmental monitoring in the Arab world, is now making vital strategic contributions on a global scale. We are pleased to share with the world the monitoring information obtained from the environmental satellite and other data for research. We are committed to harnessing this information for everyone’s benefit as part of our goal of enhancing Dubai’s contributions to international organisations and other countries.” Currently, all European space agencies support the SCO International, which has national chapters in Russia, China, Japan, India, Morocco and the UAE. Members have committed to making satellite data in their possession accessible to the entire organisation, as well as the international community, to help in the assessment and monitoring of the global impact of climate change. In addition to providing transparent and verified satellite data on climate change, the SCO will also aid in the development of useful toolkits and services that will advance computing capacities for analysing specialised data on climate change.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre joins Space Climate Observatory International

MBRSC will share vital information from Dubai Municipality’s DMSat-1 satellite to monitor the impact of climate change

UAE satellites

UAE earmarks $820m to build satellites, fund space plan

The move will make it the first Arab country to develop a constellation of synthetic aperture radar satellites

Asus' space-themed

Here’s a closer look at ASUS’ space-themed laptop

The design elements of ZenBook 14X OLED Space Edition are heavily influenced and inspired by the history of space travel

UAE and US’ Mars missions to collaborate on science data analysis

The partnership will enable the sharing and collaborative analysis of data and observations made by EMM’s Hope Probe and NASA’s MAVEN

Here are the technologies being deployed for the UAE’s missions to the Moon and Mars

IT services and systems play a major role in problem-solving, decision making, and smart automation, which is a key objective of the space industry, says Abdulla Ahli, director – IT department, Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre


Video: DEWA launches nanosatellite to aid network planning and maintenance in UAE

DEWA-SAT 1 was launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex in Florida on Thursday

Can your startup be part of the space race?

By 2040, space exploration is estimated to become a $1 trillion industry

Expo 2020 Dubai welcomes 1.47 million visits in first 24 days

Children made up about one quarter of visits to the Expo site over the school break

UAE launches new space mission to explore Venus

Seven other asteroids will also be explored

UAE’s KhalifaSat takes image of Expo 2020 site from space

The six-month long mega event is set to begin a month later, on October 1, 2021

Jeff Bezos pull off Blue Origin’s first spaceflight with people

The mission caps a landmark month for space-tourism ventures