Insights: A new normal is dividing the global chip industry

Chipmakers that focus mainly on older technology for mainstream use are seeing a more dramatic slowdown


Bosch to spend $3bn to bolster European chip supplies

The auto-parts supplier said that it will make the investment by 2026


Samsung is first to start mass production of 3-nanometre chips

Samsung’s 3nm products reduce power consumption by up to 45 per cent and improve performance by 23 per cent compared to 5nm chips

Semiconductor Gartner

Worldwide semiconductor revenue to grow 13.6% in 2022: Gartner

The component supply constraints are expected to gradually ease through 2022

Shailesh Dash

How supply chain blockages have impacted the semiconductor industry

Supply chain blockages have caused major disruptions to the semiconductor industry, writes entrepreneur and investor Shailesh Dash, who shares his perspective in this monthly column