ader Tavassoli from London Business School on how brand impacts salary, employee behaviour, profits

Insights: How ‘brand’ impacts pay, employee behaviour and profits

We look at why high-quality brands often extend job offers with lower pay and why employees accept them

Pension of UAE nationals working in Abu Dhabi public schools will increase to 80% of salary

Abu Dhabi: Pension for UAE nationals working in public schools to increase to 80% of salary

The Abu Dhabi Government will spend more than Dhs6.6bn to implement the new pension rate

85% of job seekers in UAE feel their roles can be performed remotely – survey

Nearly 21 per cent of job applicants also said that they had relocated since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

currency dirham money

Those working in Dubai have among the world’s highest take-home salaries

PwC based its results after deducting tax and social security obligations

UAE’s Danube Group reimburses salary cuts made during Covid-19

Earlier this year, Danube Group distributed Dhs1m worth of food kits across the UAE

Saudi Arabia extends Covid salary aid programme in reduced form

The programme originally covered 70 per cent of Saudi employees in firms with over five workers

UAE Federal Employees

UAE federal employees to lose three-day salary for flouting Covid-19 rules

Employees would be fined for breaches such as shaking hands and not wearing a face mask

Oman cuts pay for new civil servants by up to 23%

Oman has resorted to spending cuts to stabilise public finances

Dubai family businesses seek VAT cut and government help to repatriate expat workers

Representatives of family businesses met with Dubai government officials last month

Bahrain to pay private sector salaries with $570m Covid-19 relief package

The government will pay the salaries from April to June of approximately 100,000 citizens employed in the private sector

Dubai’s Emaar chairman takes 100% salary cut, assures employees ‘this too shall pass’

A new salary structure will be implemented April 1 onwards, until further notice

The Gulf Business Salary Survey 2018

Following a series of major changes relating to taxation, legislation and economic performance over the last 12 months, Gulf Business explores how the regional pay packet has been impacted

Top 20 salaries in Saudi Arabia 2018

An insight into earnings in Saudi Arabia from the 2018 Gulf Business Salary Survey

Top 20 salaries in the UAE 2018

An insight into earnings in the UAE from the 2018 Gulf Business Salary Survey

Salary Gap Widens In The GCC

Managers in the Gulf are earning seven times as much as their employees as demand for mid-level talent continues.