#Public Prosecution

Spreading rumours, false news punishable offence in UAE

The country’s Public Prosecution took to social media to highlight the potential penalties

UAE launches ‘major investigation’ into Dubai developer Union Properties

The Public Prosecution is investigating allegations of financial violations committed by chairman Khalifa Hassan Al Hammadi as well as other senior executives

UAE warns of strict penalties for acts of public indecency

A repeat offender will face imprisonment for a period of not less than three months and a fine of up to Dhs100,000, or one of the two

Jail time, fines for illegally raising funds in the UAE

The Public Prosecution has called on those who wish to help the needy during Ramadan to follow legal channels


Sharjah Police arrests gang, foils sale of Dhs15m worth of narcotic tablets

The police worked in concert with various anti-drug entities in the UAE

UAE Public Prosecution

Up to six-month imprisonment or Dhs5,000 fine for insulting people in the UAE

The Public Prosecution said that it would be considered an aggravating circumstance if the libel or insult is addressed to a public servant

Circumventing IP address with malicious intent now punishable offence in UAE

Violators will face stiff penalties, including imprisonment and a financial fine

Forgery of electronic documents in UAE could cost Dhs100,000 or more

Those who use a forged electronic document bearing knowledge of its falsification will also be punished