Jail time, fines for illegally raising funds in the UAE
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Jail time, fines for illegally raising funds in the UAE

Jail time, fines for illegally raising funds in the UAE

The Public Prosecution has called on those who wish to help the needy during Ramadan to follow legal channels

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The UAE’s Public Prosecution has called on all those that wish to help the needy during the holy month of Ramadan to follow legal channels, denouncing the collecting of donations without licence.

The Public Prosecution took to Twitter to post an awareness video, highlighted Article 27 of the Federal Decree-Law No. (5) of 2012 on combating cybercrime, official news agency WAM reported.

The article states: “Shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine not less than Dhs250,000 and not in excess of Dhs500,000 or either of these two penalties whoever establishes, manages or runs a website or publishes information on the computer network or any information technology means to call or promote for the collection of donations without a licence accredited by the competent authority.

It also highlighted Article 8 of Federal Law No. (4) for 2018, concerning the regulation and care of mosques, which states: Shall be sentenced to imprisonment for maximum of three months or a fine of maximum Dhs5,000 or either one of the two penalties, whoever collect donations or contributions at mosques without permission from the authorities.”

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have outlined safety measures to be observed during Ramadan. Authorities in country have advised against organising Ramdan, Iftar and donation tents and Iftar tables. Meanwhile, donations must be channeled through accredited charity organisations in Dubai.

They have also stressed that inspections will be conducted to ensure strict adherence to precautionary guidelines during Ramadan, with violators facing stiff penalties.

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