TII unveils its Falcon 40B

Abu Dhabi’s TII unveils its Falcon 40B AI model open source

Falcon 40B is a foundational large language model with 40 billion parameters and trained on one trillion tokens


OpenAI raises $175m for startup investment fund

The platform has been investing in startups working in artificial intelligence for a while


What is ChatGPT-4 and how to use it: Everything you need to know

ChatGPT-4 is said to be an even more powerful tool, sure to send even bigger ripples across the world


ChatGPT creator OpenAI debuts new GPT-4 AI system

The new version will be available to OpenAI’s paid ChatGPT Plus subscribers

Chatbot My AI

Snap debuts ‘My AI’ chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology

The chatbot is available only to Snapchat Plus members, who pay $3.99 a month to subscribe

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Microsoft eyes $10bn investment in ChatGPT creator

ChatGPT has lit up the internet since launching at the end of November last year, gathering its first million users in less than a week