Live: UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi to takeoff on space mission

Lift off: UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi en route to space

The mission, dubbed Crew-6, will include a series of experiments and research

NASA announces new launch date for space mission carrying UAE astronaut

NASA reveals new launch date for mission carrying UAE astronaut

The six-month long mission will include several scientific experiments and research endeavours

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi to travel to space on February 26

UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi to travel to space on February 26

The Falcon 9 rocket and the Dragon Endeavour spacecraft is scheduled to launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida


NASA craft rams distant asteroid in test of Earth’s defense

NASA launched its DART spacecraft in November of 2021 with the express purpose of colliding with an asteroid about the size of a football stadium at 14,000 miles per hour

NASA flight to moon

NASA’s return to the moon starts with critical test flight

The objective is to demonstrate the Orion capsule can be safely launched and recovered before an attempt is made with a human crew

Oppo Hasselblad

Cover story: A look at OPPO and Hasselblad’s blend of classic and contemporary

OPPO has enabled cutting-edge imaging technology in its Find X5 series, thanks to its strategic collaboration with veteran camera manufacturer Hasselblad

UAE and US’ Mars missions to collaborate on science data analysis

The partnership will enable the sharing and collaborative analysis of data and observations made by EMM’s Hope Probe and NASA’s MAVEN

Climate change made the last eight years the hottest on record

Last year’s global average temperature was a bit more than 1° Celsius higher than the 1880-1900 average

Fitbit to equip NASA employees with wearables to check Covid-19

Health indicators from wearables shown to identify flu-like illnesses before symptoms emerge

UAE astronaut programme shortlists 61 candidates for second edition

The candidates have been shortlisted from 4,305 applicants

UAE Space Agency signs NASA’s Artemis Accords for cooperation in space exploration

NASA’s Artemis Accords is based on the vision of the United Nations’ Outer Space Treaty of 1967

NASA to train four Emirati astronauts for future missions

The programme created as part of the new partnership includes the same elements and modules featured in the training of NASA astronauts

UAE Hope Probe

UAE Hope Probe: To Mars and beyond

Along with the Hope Probe, the UAE’s space ambitions and its endeavours towards a knowledge-based economy have also taken flight