uae weather - school - rain

UAE schools shift to remote learning, MOHRE issues advisory as heavy rainfall forecasted

The decision to implement remote education has been announced due to the expected adverse weather conditions, aiming to ensure the safety of students and teaching staff

Unemployment insurance scheme_MOHRE

More than 7 million workers sign up for UAE’s unemployment insurance

The unemployment insurance was rolled out in January 2023 and is mandatory for all employees


UAE Cabinet meet: Mandatory health insurance for private employees soon

Sheikh Mohammed chaired the Cabinet meeting which approves key decisions on enhancing the UAE’s labour market competitiveness

UAE cuts visa process from 30 days to five

UAE unveils platform to expedite work, residency visa process

The first phase of the initiative will be implemented in Dubai and will be gradually expanded to other emirates


UAE: Flexible working for private sector, remote learning for schools amid weather warnings

The adverse weather conditions are attributed to a surface low-pressure system extending from the southwest, accompanied by humid south-easterly winds

Ramadan 2024

When is Ramadan 2024: Calendar and timings for the holy month

With 29 days of fasting, the month of Ramadan will end on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 and hence the first day of the fast could be on March 11

MoHRE’s Emiratisation targets on midsize firms goes into effect

UAE’s Emiratisation targets on midsize firms goes into effect

Companies that fail to meet the new Emiratisation targets in 2024 face Dhs96,000 for each Emirati not hired

gratuity - pension - end-of-service

UAE’s new end-of-service benefits scheme for employees: Why should you switch?

Hear from an expert on the UAE’s newly implemented end-of-service benefits scheme

MoHRE urges firms to meet Emiratisation deadline

Emiratisation: MoHRE urges companies to meet 2023 targets

The ministry warned that companies that fail to comply with Emiratisation will be required to pay fines from January 2024

UAE launches work permit for private tutors

UAE visa: MoHRE, MOE introduce new private teacher work permit

The new permit will protect the rights of teachers, and ensure students receive quality education

More than 250,000 subscribers sign up for unemployment scheme

Unemployment insurance: UAE gets tough with fines, work permit bans

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation says it has started fining workers who have failed to comply with the unemployment insurance system.

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MoHRE: Midsize firms told to hire Emiratis or face Dhs96,000 penalty

Companies that fail to meet the new Emiratisation targets in 2024 face Dhs96,000 for each Emirati not hired

UPDATE: UAE announces 3-day weekend for public, private sectors

The UAE Cabinet approved the National Day holiday for the federal government as well as the private sector from December 2 to 4

MoHRE’s Emiratisation targets on midsize firms goes into effect

Emiratisation: MoHRE reminds private sector about December 31 deadline

Private sector firms that are still short of meeting Emiratisation requirements can leverage the Nafis platform for Emirati job seekers

UAE holiday list 2024

UAE visa: MoHRE, ICP launch campaign to highlight entry, exit permit regulations

The campaign aims to reinforce the awareness about the UAE’s laws regarding immigration

Over 6.5 million subscribe to UAE’s unemployment insurance scheme

UAE unemployment insurance scheme: MOHRE reports over 6.5 million subscribers

The scheme provides a social safety net for citizens and residents while ensuring that they have a decent life until alternative employment arises

UAE holiday list 2024

UAE unemployment insurance scheme October 1 deadline: Less than 24 hours remain to register

The deadline to subscribe to the government-mandated unemployment insurance scheme runs out in less than a day

UAE unemployment insurance scheme

UAE’s unemployment insurance deadline nears: Over 5.73 million subscribers so far

Beginning October 1, individuals eligible for the system who have not yet subscribed will incur a Dhs400 penalty


Sharjah’s 4-day weekend as it confirms holiday for Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

The Sharjah government announced a holiday for public sector workers on Thursday, September 28

ILOE deadline

UAE: MOHRE issues October 1 deadline warning for unemployment insurance scheme

A fine will apply on eligible employees who don’t sign up for the mandatory unemployment insurance scheme before the deadline

UAE holiday list 2024

UAE announces public and private sector holiday for Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

Public sector employees in the UAE will have a holiday on Friday, September 29, to mark the day

Unemployment insurance scheme_MOHRE

UAE unemployment insurance scheme: Fines could impact your work permit

Employees will not be eligible for a new work permit until all dues are paid within the specified timeframe

UAE holiday list 2024

UAE midday break ends on September 15, know revised work timings

The midday work break was implemented for the 19th year in a row

UAE holiday list 2024

UAE unemployment insurance scheme: How to apply before deadline

MoHRE’s deadline for eligible employees to subscribe to the unemployment insurance scheme is fast approaching

end-of-service gratuity

UAE introduces new end-of-service gratuity system for private sector employees

Sheikh Mohammed announced the new law which aims to protect workers’ savings while promoting investment

MoHRE fines these companies up to Dhs100,000. Here’s why

Fake Emiratisation jobs: MoHRE levies fines up to Dhs100,000

Emiratisation is aimed at enhancing the UAE’s human development system, establishing productive and sustainable Emirati human capital in the private sector

UAE Jobs - MoHRE, Bayt MoU

UAE Jobs: MoHRE, Bayt.com sign MoU to retain talent

The MoU aims to enhance the retention of competent global talent along with ensuring local talent gets matched with available UAE jobs

UAE upcoming public holiday

UAE public holiday 2023: Prophet Muhammad’s birthday sets up a long weekend in September

The next potential long weekend for those working in the UAE is a month away as the country gears up to celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday

UAE traffic fine

UAE Unemployment Insurance scheme deadline: Know last date of registration to avoid fines

The MoHRE revealed that over five million employees from across the UAE had signed up for the unemployment insurance scheme by June

MoHRE recoups Dhs2.3m from fake 107 Nafis’ beneficiaries

MoHRE recoups Dhs2.3m from fake 107 Nafis beneficiaries

The ministry has an effective smart inspection system and conducts regular field visits to companies employing Emirati citizens