#Meta Platforms

OpenAI unveils AI model that turns text into video

Text to video: OpenAI announces new Sora model

The software is currently available for red teaming as well as for use by visual artists, designers and filmmakers to gain feedback on the model


Meta starts rolling out generative AI tools for all advertisers

The tools will be available in Meta’s Ads Manager and their rollout will be completed next year

Meta's Llama 2 model released

Meta unveils AI chatbot Llama 2 for commercial use via Microsoft

The partnership aligns Meta more closely with Microsoft, which has emerged as the clear leader in AI

Meta sells Giphy to Shutterstock.

Meta launches subscription service for Facebook, Instagram

Meta is testing the subscription product first in Australia and New Zealand, starting later this week


WhatsApp rolls out in-app shopping product with India’s JioMart

The new feature lets users in India shop for products from JioMart, and pay for them directly within the app