#iOS 17

iPhone 15

Apple identifies bugs causing overheating in the iPhone 15

Apple said the issue is not a safety or injury risk and will not impact the phone’s long-term performance

iOS 17

What’s new in iOS 17? A closer look at the latest Apple update

The update makes iPhone even more personal and intuitive, says Apple

iOS 17

Here’s a list of iPhones eligible for iOS 17 update

The launch date of iOS 17 is scheduled for September 18

Appled developes Open AI, Ajax

Top highlights from Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference

The annual event is a showcase for Apple’s latest software — and an attempt to keep both its developers and customers locked in to its product ecosystem

iOS 17

Watch the launch of Apple’s iOS 17 and other exciting reveals at WWDC 2023

Taking place at the company’s campus in Cupertino, California, the event is scheduled to start today at 9:00 pm GST