UAE announces fund to support restoration of heritage projects in Africa Photo credit WAM

UAE to fund world heritage restoration, rehabilitation projects in Africa

These projects will be implemented in cooperation with local governments, alongside local and international partners

Sheikh Mohammed approves second phase of Dubai 2040 urban development plan

Sheikh Mohammed approves second phase of Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

The master plan calls for developing a 20-minute city where residents can reach their destinations within a third of an hour, either on foot or by bicycle

QATAR summer festival commences _ GettyImages-1232572487-800x533-1

Qatar and Bahrain target tourists with summer festivals

Coinciding with Eid Al Adha, Bahrain and Qatar’s summer festivals began on July 11th and 14th, respectively

Saudi Crown Prince unveils new hospitality brand to revive kingdom’s heritage

The Boutique Group will transform historic and cultural palaces into luxurious boutique hotels in Saudi Arabia

Mountain Biking Hatta

Revealed: Top things to do and places to visit in Hatta

An inland exclave of Dubai, Hatta has positioned itself as a national park and eco-tourism destination