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Türkiye may exclude banks from inflation-adjusted accounting

Türkiye may exclude banks from inflation-adjusted accounting, says minister

Türkish companies’ end-2023 balance sheets will be inflation-adjusted, with the practice expected to continue until 2026

Why a ‘people first’ approach in banking is key to greater customer retention

Financial institutions that continue along the traditional banking path will be left behind by an ever-evolving industry

The transition from legacy to cloud within financial services

The increasing use of online banking services and the rise of cloud-based challenger banks are here to stay

Bahrain’s Al Salam Bank partners with Bahrain bourse, Central Bank on new Shari’a-compliant framework

New structure reduces fees and provides an alternative for local financial institutions traditionally reliant on international brokers

No acquisition by US-based bank, clarifies Dubai lender Emirates NBD

The bank stated that 101,731,408 of its shares were purchased by 254 unique investors on May 28

What role do GCC banks play in the current economic crisis?

Although the Covid-19 situation is straining financial institutions, banks have a major role to play in keeping economies buoyant during the current crisis and beyond

Emirates Islamic contributes Dhs10m to UAE’s Covid-19 relief fund

Emirates Islamic is the first Dubai-based financial institution to contribute to the fund launched by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department