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New UAE visa laws

Five things you should know about the new UAE visa laws

Earlier this year, the UAE cabinet announced major changes to the UAE visa system, which will result in simplified requirements and more benefits for visitors and residents

ICP launches third generation of UAE Passport, advanced visa system trial

ICP launches third generation of UAE Passport, runs advanced visa system trial

The new advanced visa system will come into effect starting October 3

UAE visas

UAE allows entry of vaccinated residents who have been outside of the country for over six months

Incoming residents must apply via the ICA website and complete the vaccination application in order to get necessary approvals

UAE Residency Visa

UAE grants three-month grace period for those whose residency visa expired before March 1

The grace period for these visa violators to exit the country ends on November 17


UAE residents no longer require government approvals to return to the country

Residents who wish to return to the country are automatically approved to do so

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UAE tourists, visitors with expired permits given one month to exit country

The one-month grace period to exit the country has begun from July 12


UAE announces phased renewals of expired residency visas, Emirates IDs from July 12

Those whose documents have expired in March and April must proceed with the renewal process immediately

Expat residents allowed to return to the UAE from June 1

The Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has asked residents who wish to return to the UAE to register themselves online

New family sponsorship law for expats in the UAE takes effect

Expats – both men and women – can sponsor their family members if they earn a monthly salary of Dhs4,000 or Dhs3,000 plus accommodation

UAE’s new visa rules for visitors, students, widows, divorcees take effect on Oct 21

The new rules will see visitor and tourist visas extended for up to 60 days