Blue Residency Visa

UAE launches Blue Residency visa for environmental advocates: Everything you need to know

The Blue Residency visa represents a significant step in the UAE’s efforts to prioritise sustainability and environmental protection

Plastic ban

What you need to know about Dubai’s ban on single-use plastic: Fines and exemptions

The aim of the plastic ban is to mitigate plastic waste and instigate a shift towards recycling practices

UAE issues decree to regulate use of HFCs-e1622023668811

UAE issues decree regulating use of hydrofluorocarbons

The decree is a significant step in the UAE’s endeavour to uphold its obligations towards climate change mitigation and curbing harmful emissions


Kuwait commits to reach carbon neutrality in oil and gas by 2050

Kuwaiti foreign minister Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah said that the country executed many projects to preserve the environment and reduce emissions

UAE residents

UAE residents aim to make their homes as sustainable as possible – survey

A total of 55 per cent of UAE residents look for sustainability parameters when purchasing electronic goods

How to enable proximity triggers to work

Start by identifying the character you want to emulate

The role of our environment in helping achieve goals

Setting up the right environment can provide the positive triggers that are critical to retaining a sense of well-being

single-use plastic ban starts on Jan 1

Dubai to impose tariff on single-use plastic bags from July 1

The tariff of 25 fils is being introduced with the ultimate aim of completely banning the use of these plastic bags over the next two years

Here’s how biometric has changed the airport environment

Although the pandemic has affected the air travel industry, new technologies and contactless systems can eliminate the bottlenecks, says Osama Nawayseh, Middle East sales manager at Vision-Box

Over half of Arab youth say they will boycott brands that damage the environment

The region’s youth is keen to ensure governments and businesses act responsibly when it comes to climate action

Bitcoin roars back, putting $100,000 predictions in vogue again

The world’s largest cryptocurrency is staging a comeback that has taken it up more than 50 per cent from recent lows

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s bitcoin concerns sink crypto-linked stocks

Bitcoin plunged as much as 15 per cent, sinking to as low as $46,045, before trimming the decline

How chartered accountants can play a key role in the fight against climate change

Chartered accountants must lead the businesses they work with to integrate climate change risk into organisational strategy, finance, operations, and communications

Dubai DMSat-1 Satellite

Video: Dubai launches its first environmental satellite

The DMSat-1 satellite was developed by Dubai Municipality in collaboration with the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre

How is the GCC’s alternative energy industry faring?

Environmental concerns are propelling the usage of alternative energy for a sustainable future, opines Antonio Cuccarese, business development manager, Metito

Eco-friendly pot

Revealed: 10 simple steps to lead a greener life in Dubai

A practical guide to lowering your carbon footprint

UAE joins Global Ocean Alliance to achieve 30by30 conservation target

The UAE is the first Middle Eastern country to endorse the target

Growing environmental concerns of increasing electronic waste

The increased use of electronic devices has led to an incredible amount of e-waste that merits urgent attention

Sharjah Airport

Sharjah Airport becomes first carbon neutral airport in the GCC

The carbon neutral status is received when net carbon dioxide emissions over a full year are zero

Renewables are the only winners in historic decline in energy demand

While all sources of energy — oil, coal, natural gas, and even nuclear — will see a decline, renewable energy is likely to be the bright spot