Dubai to impose tariff on single-use plastic bags from July 1 Dubai to impose tariff on single-use plastic bags from July 1
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Dubai to impose tariff on single-use plastic bags from July 1

Dubai to impose tariff on single-use plastic bags from July 1

The tariff of 25 fils is being introduced with the ultimate aim of completely banning the use of these plastic bags over the next two years

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The Executive Council of Dubai has approved a policy to impose a tariff of 25 fils on single-use bags for carrying goods starting July 1, 2022.

The tariff will be implemented in all stores across Dubai including, retail, textile and electronic stores, as well as restaurants, pharmacies, and will be applicable on online and e-commerce deliveries too.

Subsequently, the policy will be evaluated over several stages until single-use carry bags are completely banned over a span of two years.

To that end, an integrated awareness campaign will be launched aimed at changing consumer behaviour towards sustainable waste management practices and encouraging them to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags.

The policy to limit and ultimately ban single-use bags is aimed at strengthening Dubai’s sustainability objectives. The tariff on single-use bags is currently in effect in over 30 countries, and a partial or complete ban has already been implemented in over 90 countries globally.

According to the Dubai Media Office, a survey conducted in Dubai revealed that 50 per cent of its residents segregate waste at home, with 85 per cent of residents supporting the tariff and ban on single-use bags, while 100 per cent of all businesses voicing support for the decision.

Immediately following the announcement, businesses in Dubai came out in support of the decision. “Carrefour was the first UAE retailer to offer a recyclable carrier bag in 2007 and we have since pledged to reduce the circulation of single-use plastic by 500 million bags each year. Whilst in 2019, we announced our company-wide pledge to phase out single-use plastic by 2025. Carrefour offers a variety of reusable bags starting from Dhs2.50, all of which have a lifetime warranty. In terms of capacity, one reusable bag equates to 3-5 plastic bags and can carry many more items,” said Bernardo Perloiro, chief operating officer of GCC at Majid Al Futtaim Retail. Majid Al Futtaim meanwhile has committed to becoming net positive in carbon and water by 2040.

Dedicated government entities within the UAE have also already implemented programmes to enhance environmental protection. These include an integrated waste management strategy for the emirate; reducing harmful fishing practices such as banning the use of nets; and the enforcement of fees for waste disposal beginning January 2022, which is expected to significantly help reduce waste production and dumping of waste in landfills. Dubai is already constructing a $1.1bn facility that will burn garbage to generate power.

In January, the Dubai Executive Council approved a new Integrated Waste Management Strategy 2021-2041, with a budget of Dhs74.5bn.

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Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council said that the private sector’s direct contribution to the integrated waste management strategy 2021-2041 budget amounts to Dhs70.5bn.

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