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Emirates joins forces with UK in sustainable aviation push Image Emirates X

Emirates joins forces with UK in sustainable aviation push

The Solent Cluster has the potential to create a sustainable aviation fuel plant with an estimated fuel production capacity of 200,000 tonnes (200 kt) per year

etihad airways CO2 emissions reduction in 2022

Etihad reports 26% drop in CO2 emissions per RTK in 2022

In its annual sustainability report, the airline stated that it had reduced CO2 emissions per revenue tonne kilometre to 482g compared to the 2019 baseline

Etihad airways, Satavia sign contract

UAE’s Etihad, UK-based Satavia sign contrail management contract

Aircraft-generated condensation trails, or contrails, cause surface warming responsible for up to two-thirds of aviation’s climate impact

ADNOC trials tech to turn mineralise CO2

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week: ADNOC to trial tech that mineralises C02

The project, which is supported by Masdar and due to commence in Fujairah in January, will use 44.01’s prize-winning CCM technology to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere