Dubai Government approves Dhs246.6bn budget for 2024-2026

Dubai Government approves Dhs246.6bn budget for 2024-2026

The expenditure for the fiscal year 2024 alone is estimated at Dhs79.1bn, as the city seeks to accelerate growth and support the objectives D33

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia forecasts slower growth, budget deficit for 2023

The largest Arab economy expects real gross domestic product to grow by 0.03 per cent this year

5 tips to achieve financial stability- GettyImages-910730068

5 key tips for financial stability in uncertain times

Building an emergency fund, budgeting, reducing debt, diversifying income streams and planning for the future are all key steps toward achieving financial stability

Sheikh Mohammed approves Dubai budget 2023-2025

Sheikh Mohammed approves Dhs205bn Dubai budget for 2023-25

The government’s total expenditures for the 2023 fiscal year are estimated at Dhs67.5bn

Bahrain sees higher oil helping it beat budget balance target

The International Monetary Fund estimates Bahrain needs oil prices of around $107 a barrel to balance its budget

Saudi Arabia plans to keep debt stable as oil income surges

Euro-denominated outstanding debt is currently around 2 per cent of the kingdom’s overall portfolio

Saudi Arabia sees 2022 budget surplus, first in eight years

Officials expect the economy to expand 2.9 per cent this year and grow by a further 7.4 per cent in 2022

Bahrain plans $30bn investment as it balances its budget

The kingdom aims to create more than 20,000 jobs annually for citizens by 2024

Saudi budget sees first quarterly surplus since 2019 on high oil

Oil revenue was about SAR148bn, an increase of 60 per cent from the same period last year

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Sheikh Mohammed approves Dhs290bn UAE general budget for 2022-2026

It includes a budget of Dhs58.931bn for 2022, of which 41.2 per cent will be allocated for the development and social benefits sector

Oman’s first S&P upgrade in over a decade may be on the cards

Oman’s fiscal deficit may narrow to 4.2 per cent of gross domestic product in 2021

Saudi Arabia returns to dollar-debt market to boost finances

The price of Brent crude is still below what most of the region’s economies need to balance their budgets

Bahrain plans to sell dollar bonds to plug budget deficit

The Gulf Arab kingdom is selling benchmark-size seven-year debt, 12-year securities and/or notes maturing in 30 years

Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed approves Dhs57.1bn spend in 2021 Dubai budget

The programme takes into account “the exceptional economic conditions of the fiscal year 2020″

Bahrain puts economic recovery ahead of boosting budget revenue

Bahrain’s public finances have been under strain from the twin shock of the pandemic and lower oil prices

UAE cabinet approves Dh320m budget for national universities

The federal cabinet also approved a national system for sustained agriculture

Global downturn risks becoming prolonged recession – WEF

High unemployment, lack of progress in reducing carbon emissions and exacerbated inequalities are all possible side effects of the pandemic

Oman cuts pay for new civil servants by up to 23%

Oman has resorted to spending cuts to stabilise public finances

Saudi Arabia could borrow record $58bn as oil slump bites

The government is looking at additional spending cuts and may issue as much as an additional SAR100bn of debt on top of SAR120bn riyals already announced

Qatar predicts three years of budget deficits as low oil prices bite

Qatar forecast a fiscal deficit of 7.8 per cent of GDP this year, the first deficit in 15 years

Saudi Arabia Plans To Raise Spending In 2015 Budget

The stock market rose in the minutes after the announcement, trading 0.9 per cent higher.

UAE Govt Approves Higher Federal Spending For 2015

The projected federal spending of Dhs49.1 billion is up from Dhs46 billion in the original budget for 2014.