SME Story: Interview with Ali Wahoud, founding investor at Delektia

The company is an example of a non-tech venture gaining significant traction in the dynamic Middle Eastern startup landscape

Reedz app offers arabic summary of english audiobooks

Tunisia-born Reedz is bringing English literature to the Arab world: A startup to watch

Designed as a mobile app, Reedz offers audiobook summaries of international bestsellers in Arabic

Whats On Saudi Arabia Arabic

What’s On Saudi Arabia launches Arabic site

The English version of the website launched in January 2021

Lenka Basweidan Founder of Arabee Learning

The SME Story: Lenka Basweidan, founder of Arabee Learning

Arabee takes the children on a continuous journey, using language patterns and vocabulary repetition the same way they learn their mother tongue.

Vikings on STARZPLAY[6] copy

UAE video streaming service Starzplay adds 600,000 subscribers so far this year

The increase was driven by user growth in Saudi Arabia and the UAE during the Covid-19 period

Arabic drama podcast ‘The Basement’ to run from September

Podcast series will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anghami, Deezer and Spotify

Google launches AI-powered tool to decode Egyptian hieroglyphs

Fabricius will expedite the process of collating, cataloguing and understanding ancient hieroglyphs