Interview: Synology on AI security, storage solutions
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Interview: Synology’s Michael Chang on impact of AI on security, storage solutions

Interview: Synology’s Michael Chang on impact of AI on security, storage solutions

As the use of AI raises a range of enterprise demands for data storage and management, Synology offers an insight into its portfolio of offerings for new market needs


Michael Chang, sales manager at Synology speaks to Gulf Business on the challenges presented by the adoption of artificial intelligence at scale and the solutions portfolio being developed as well as deployed to tackle them.

Q. What did Synology showcase at Gitex Global 2023?

This year, we showcased our comprehensive IT solutions that span edge, core, and cloud environments.

Enterprise storage and data management: With the advent of new technologies like generative artificial intelligence, the need for data storage and management in enterprises has grown. Synology is well-prepared to address tasks demanding high performance including virtualisation environments, big data analytics, and deep learning. We continuously expand our portfolio suitable for enterprise scenarios, including the FS Series all-flash storage solutions for latency-sensitive workloads, SA6400 for future expansion, and the HD6500 designed for PB-level storage needs.

In addition to catering to increasing storage capacity, Synology also continuously enhancing data security measures. With the incorporation of the latest 7.2 version of DiskStation Manager, businesses are empowered to leverage a suite of advanced tools such as full-volume encryption and Immutable Snapshots which leverages write once read many (WORM) technologies. These features allow organizations to safeguard their data from malicious attacks, tampering, and accidental deletions by creating an unalterable copy of their data.

Data protection and Disaster Recovery solutions: Our built-in licence-free backup solutions support backup data across different platforms from a physical server, virtual machines, PCs, Google Workspace, and M365 via a single portal. It ensures that critical business data is regularly backed up and can be quickly restored in case of data loss or system failure.

We’re also excited to announce an innovative project focused on enhancing streamlined data protection solutions for businesses. This project will be unveiled next year, so stay tuned!

End-to-end smart surveillance system: Our end-to-end smart surveillance solution features from footage archiving, centralised video management system, to the newly launched AI-powered cameras featuring high-quality, stable, 24/7 recording and built-in AI recognition. With these features, organisations can detect people, vehicles, and space intrusions. Additionally, our Deep Learning NVR Series enables businesses to perform advanced analytics including people and vehicle counting and facial recognition.

Cloud solutions: Synology’s secure C2 cloud infrastructure for password management, backup and recovery, secure file sharing, identity and access management as well as scalable object storage with S3-compatibility was also on display. It features a deep integration with Synology’s on-premises system to create an efficient and reliable hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Q. How are storage needs changing in the age of AI and how does Synology address this?

Let me first enumerate the challenges wrought by the mass deployment of AI. There are four key challenges when it comes to AI everything.

1. Big Data volume: AI applications demand vast amounts of data. Managing, storing, and processing this data efficiently is a significant challenge. Moreover, as the voluminous data is generated at a rapid pace, scalability is also one of the challenges that comes along.

2. Performance requirements: AI workloads require high-speed data access and processing capabilities. Storage systems need to meet these performance demands without compromising latency.

3. Data accessibility and availability: Ensuring data is readily accessible for training and inferencing processes is crucial. This demands robust storage solutions that provide high availability and fault tolerance.

4. Data security and compliance: As AI applications often handle sensitive information, storage solutions must maintain robust security measures to protect data integrity and confidentiality.

The solutions that Synology brings to the table to address these challenges are:

Synology is well-prepared to address tasks that demand expanding our storage portfolio for enterprise scenarios, including the FS Series all-flash storage solutions for latency-sensitive workloads that require high performance, SA6400 for future expansion and the HD6500 designed for PB-level storage. As most of our enterprise models are expandable, users can increase the storage capacity as their demands grow by the year.

For Data Accessibility and Availability, Synology’s integrated backup solutions provide a robust framework for ensuring data accessibility and availability. This enables organizations to implement effective backup and disaster recovery plans, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to data even in the face of a disaster.

For Data Security and Compliance, Synology NAS ensures data security and compliance with global regulations like GDPR. We also employ robust security measures including access control, encryption, Write Once Read Many (WORM) technology, and maintain a dedicated Security Incidence Response Team (SIRT) for user data safety.

Q. Which arms of your enterprise solutions now have an AI element?

At Synology, we are dedicated to supporting organisations in solving their data management challenges. Generative artificial intelligence is just one example of the swift change in data storage and management demands. Besides continuously expanding our storage portfolios to address the needs of high-performance demands, we push the boundaries of IT solutions by offering cutting-edge solutions.

I’d like to share an early glimpse of our generative AI integration for MailPlus and Office, which showcases our commitment to enhancing user workflows and productivity. We believe that this integration marks a significant step forward in the realm of productivity tools and sets a new standard for user-centric design and functionality. We are excited to unveil this innovation and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our users’ daily operations.

Furthermore, this year, we introduced our own AI-powered camera, which features high-quality, stable, 24/7 recording and built-in AI features. Organisations can detect people, vehicles, and space intrusions. Using Instant Search, they can quickly review people, vehicles, and moving events in specific areas after an incident. This demonstrates our proactive approach to leveraging AI to address real-world challenges and drive innovation in the field of IT solutions.

Q. How have security needs changed globally and how does Synology track and address trends?

With the rampant ransomware attacks in recent years, the importance of data cannot be overrated. Statistics show that there are an average of 19 attacks per second. It’s not a matter of when you will be attacked, but how many times. Synology offers comprehensive backup and recovery solutions as the business’ last line of defense against ransomware.

Our solutions have already benefited over 50 per cent of Fortune 500 businesses worldwide. Moving forward, we are eager to extend our support to more businesses in the Gulf region, helping them effectively manage and safeguard their data.

Q. What specific needs of the MENA market is Synology equipped to provide for?

Compliance with regulatory requirements: Adherence to local data protection and privacy laws is crucial in any market, including the MENA region. Synology provides secure on-prem solutions that help businesses comply with these regulations.

Secure storage and backup solutions: The MENA region has a growing demand for reliable and secure data storage solutions. Synology’s NAS devices are capable of providing robust storage and backup options for both personal and business applications. Helping organisation implements comprehensive backup procedures and having a well-defined incident response and recovery plan in place.

Surveillance solutions: With increasing concerns about security in various sectors, including commercial, governmental, and residential, Synology’s end-to-end surveillance solutions provide intelligent monitoring and streamlined multi-site management with ease.

Cloud services integration: Many businesses and individuals in the MENA region are looking for seamless cloud integration solutions. Synology offers services that allow users to easily integrate their NAS with various cloud platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

To explore Synology’s comprehensive solution, register for the Synology 2023 Year-End Event on November 30.

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