Smart alcohol licence launched in Dubai
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Smart alcohol licence launched in Dubai

Smart alcohol licence launched in Dubai

Residents holding the existing red card licence will need to replace it with the new black smart licence by August 31

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A new smart application process has been launched to get a liquor licence in Dubai, distribution companies African and Eastern and MMI have revealed.

Non-Muslim residents, above the legal age (over 21 years of age), will be able to apply for and renew their alcohol licence by simply taking their Emirates ID to any MMI and A+E outlet.

The application process for residents previously required documents such as an NOC letter, tenancy contract as well as a salary certificate showing earnings of over Dhs3000 per month.

Last year, the process was simplified with residents requiring copies of Emirates ID, passport, visa and a passport photo to submit the licence application.

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The new smart process “reduces paperwork and speeds up the application and renewal process”, a statement said.

Residents holding the existing red card licence will also need to replace it with the new black smart licence by August 31.

Red licences will no longer be valid for in-store or online purchases from September, it added.

Card replacement will be subject to a Dhs25 fee – redeemable for in-store purchases.

Optionally, those with red cards can also apply to process their annual licence renewal early and the remaining months left will be added to the new black card.

The new process:

• All residents (over 21 and non-Muslim) can apply for their licence at any of the 18 A+E or 17 MMI stores in Dubai

• To apply for a new licence or to renew an existing licence, residents will need to scan their Emirates ID at any MMI or A+E store

• The cost of the licence is unchanged and remains Dhs270

• All current red licences need to be converted to the new black smart licence by August 31, 2020

• Any remaining months left on a red card will be added to the new black card

Tourists can also purchase alcohol from any A+E or MMI outlet and by showing their original passport.

Mike Glen, managing director MMI – UAE and Oman said: “Getting a licence has now become so much easier. By transitioning to the new system, the amount of paperwork involved has been dramatically reduced. We’re always looking for new ways to make the shopping experience as simple as possible and keep our customers on the right side of the law.

“Everyone who wants to transport and consume alcohol, at home, in a bar or restaurant, needs to abide by the law and make sure they have a licence.”

Sean Hennessey, general manager African + Eastern – UAE Retail and Oman, added: “With tourists also coming back to Dubai, they will continue to be able to benefit from being able to shop in any of our stores, legally and safely, they simply need to take their original passport to register.”

MMI and A+E also recently launched as a legal home delivery solution for wines, spirits and beers in Dubai.

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Under UAE law, residents must have a liquor licence in order to purchase and consume alcohol in Dubai.

In Abu Dhabi, the Special Licence Office – a government entity formed in April 2012 – regulates all legislative alcohol-related matters and is responsible for issuing alcohol licences. Last year, it was announced that a fee of Dhs230 would be imposed for special licences for non-Muslims.

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