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Sheikh Mohammed names UAE’s best and worst government service centres

Sheikh Mohammed names UAE’s best and worst government service centres

The results were announced following an assessment of 600 centres across the UAE

The UAE’s best and worst government service centres have been revealed by Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The results were announced following a thorough assessment process of 600 centres across the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed announced on Twitter.

The five worst service centres were found to be –

1. Emirates Post Group, Al Khan, Sharjah Centre

2. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Al Muhaisnah Centre for Preventive Medicine, Dubai

3. General pension and Social Security Authority, Sharjah Centre

4. Ministry of Community Development, Social Affairs Abu Dhabi, Baniyas Centre

5. Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Fujairah Centre

“We directed immediate management replacement in the worst centers with highly capable leaders. We ordered director generals to closely monitor their entities & improve centers’ performance in a month & I will visit,” Sheikh Mohammed said in a message on Twitter.

The five best service centres were found to be –

1. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Fujairah Centre

2. Ministry of Education, Ajman Centre

3. Ministry of Interior, Traffic and Licensing Centre, Ajman

4. Ministry of Interior, Wasit Police Station, Sharjah

5. Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, Ras Al Khaimah Centre

Sheikh Mohammed applauded the dedication of the teams working in the best-performing centres and said they are worthy of praise and reward.

Teams working at the best-performing centres will also receive a two-month salary reward, he said.

Sheikh Mohammed highlighted the importance of government services centres as the window through which citizens reach their government.

“We will evaluate services, ministers and managers annually. We will also evaluate ministries and entities and reveal our reports with all transparency. We have the courage to evaluate ourselves and our teams because the cost of hiding mistakes is much higher,” he added.

Sheikh Mohammed has been known to crack down on inadequate levels of service among government centres. In April, he posted images of long queues at an Emirates Post centre in Dubai captured by a “secret shopper”.

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At the time of tweeting that image of the post office he added, “This is not the level of our services… And those who provide this level of service will not be within my team.”

In July last year, he warned that low employee satisfaction ratings at federal government agencies were “unacceptable”.

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He also stressed in November that providing “the best government services in the world” was “the main objective of every government entity in the UAE”.

“We want government entities to provide the best services in the world. This is what we are looking for and we don’t accept any delays or hesitation or excuses that prevent us from achieving this goal,” Sheikh Mohammed said.


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