Sheikh Hamdan launches 3D Printing Strategic Alliance in Dubai
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Sheikh Hamdan launches 3D Printing Strategic Alliance in Dubai

Sheikh Hamdan launches 3D Printing Strategic Alliance in Dubai

He also called for the establishment of a specialised zone within Dubai dedicated to 3D printing entities

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A new 3D Printing Strategic Alliance, the first of its kind that creates a network of government bodies, academia and 3D printing companies from around the world, has been established in Dubai.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) launched the initiative on Monday in a bid to position the emirate as a 3D manufacturing powerhouse.

“Our goal is to accelerate the adoption and use of this emerging technology to support all governmental, economic, health and scientific sectors in Dubai and the world,” tweeted Sheikh Hamdan.

The new alliance includes DFF, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Roads and Transportation Authority, Khalifa University, Higher Colleges of Technology and ten international and local 3D printing technology companies, the Dubai Media Office confirmed.

The alliance will provide a strategic network to respond to the requirements of various sectors in times of crises through public-private cooperation by utilising its manufacturing capabilities and developing enabling legislation to ensure self-sufficiency, reported news agency WAM.

In addition, the alliance will also facilitate necessary approvals and access for developing 3D printed products to meet current needs and provide sufficient stocks for the future.

Initially, it will focus on manufacturing medical supplies and equipment in the UAE by establishing 3D printing production lines to meet the surge in demand for medical equipment, including protective kits, scanners, respirators, masks, and laboratory supplies, among others.

“Through this alliance, we will work in cooperation with 3D printing companies to enhance industrial capabilities, secure essential needs and develop new production lines, while simultaneously applying future technologies,” said Sheikh Hamdan.

During his visit to the DFF headquarters in Emirates Tower, he also called for the establishment of a specialised zone for companies working within 3D printing sector.

“We want Dubai to become a global model for this technology by enhancing public and private sector partnerships,” he added.

The dedicated district will host research centres, international firms, startups, applied engineering firms and business accelerator programmes for 3D printing technology.

It will also house the largest state-of-the-art warehouse in the region for the storage and distribution of 3D printing materials and products.

The formation of this new strategic alliance furthers the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy launched in 2016 that aimed to build an infrastructure to support 3D printing companies.

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The 3D printing strategy aims to make Dubai a world-leading city for this technology by 2030.

Last year, the Dubai Municipality unveiled the world’s largest and first 3D-printed two-story structure in the world.

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