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Sheikh Hamdan approves Hatta Beach Project, private school and council to be set up

Sheikh Hamdan approves Hatta Beach Project, private school and council to be set up

Hatta Beach will stretch across 10,000 square metres alongside an artificial lake and will feature a host of amenities and services for visitors

Hatta Beach project and other projects approved by Sheikh Hamdan Image courtesy X Dubai Media Office

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai has approved a series of projects spanning housing, education, social services, tourism and entertainment sectors as part of the Hatta Master Development Plan.
The Crown Prince approved the projects during his recent visit to the region.
The projects include the construction of a private school (that can enroll 700 to 1,000 students) and a new neighbourhood council for the region’s residents to drive social interaction, in addition to the design and chosen site of the Hatta Beach project.

The construction of a multi-purpose main hall, service facilities and administrative offices are part of the plan.

Sheikh Hamdan said on social media platform X: “These exemplary projects meticulously consider Hatta’s natural beauty and rich heritage, addressing the needs of both residents and visitors. We extend our appreciation to the Supreme Committee for Overseeing the Development of Hatta and the dedicated teams working towards establishing Dubai as the world’s leading city in terms of quality of life.”

“We attentively heed to the aspirations and needs of the people of Dubai. We strive against time to fulfill their requirements and support them in realising their ambitions. Our development strategies and action plans are implemented by numerous teams that work as one team. Enhancing the quality of life of the people remains our top priority,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

Ambitious plans for Hatta Beach, other projects

Sheikh Hamdan was also apprised of the Hatta Beach project and its actual location.

The project spans an area of over 53,000 square metres.

Hatta Beach itself will stretch over 10,000 square metres alongside an artificial lake (crystal lagoon) and will feature a host of amenities and services for visitors.
Sheikh Hamdan also received information about other projects that are underway, including hotels and resorts, and the construction of 235 houses in the Makan area, besides the development of Hatta downtown.

The Crown Prince also reviewed projects executed in the previous phase of the Hatta Master Development Plan, including the Hatta Souq, which spans over 146,000 square metres and includes 70 commercial units in addition to other amenities.

Other projects that were reviewed include new attractions at Hatta Heritage Village and the development of the Leem Lake area, in addition to the creation of 330 investment opportunities for people of the region.



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