Sheikh Ahmed addresses the question of an Emirates IPO
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Sheikh Ahmed addresses the question of an Emirates IPO

Sheikh Ahmed addresses the question of an Emirates IPO

Sheikh Ahmed provided an insight into the decision-making process surrounding the question of an Emirates IPO

Marisha Singh
Sheikh Ahmed-Emirates

With frequent developments around a probable Etihad Airways initial public offering (IPO) this year, the same is being asked about the UAE’s flag carrier: Emirates. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and chief executive of Emirates addressed this question during a media briefing at the Arabian Travel Market on Tuesday.

Sheikh Ahmed speaking to Dubai Eye 103.8 at the Emirates stand, acknowledged that an IPO by Emirates is a question he is frequently asked about. “I think a lot of people, even friends, ask me when. I always revert to my classical answer and even though people expect me to know as I am with the airline, when it comes to the decision of the IPO, it’s not me who decides that,” he said.

He explained that the decision was not his to make, “It’s a Government of Dubai decision and they would be the one to tell me when.” He added that he would go ahead with an Emirates IPO if he was told to do so. “If they tell me to do it I will do it.”

Upon being asked further if this was being discussed, Sheikh Ahmed said, “I did not hear anything about it.”

Emirates at Al Maktoum International Airport

Sheikh Ahmed additionally took questions around the recently revealed Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) expansion plans and operational move for Emirates to the new airport. Sheikh Ahmed said on Tuesday that the airline would move its operations to the new passenger terminal at DWC in 2034 and “it will be in one go”,

“I think you will wake up one day and see the terminal is open, it is tested and you will see your Emirates flight from Al Maktoum [airport],” he said.

The Emirates Group chief explained that the fleet expansion for both Emirates and flydubai require a new facility with expanded capacity to accommodate flights at the gates and the parking. “We are confident that without this airport, Dubai will be going backward … having all those aircraft coming to the fleet, they are signed orders, [means] I need gates and parking,” he said.

Emirates is the world’s largest airline by international traffic with a fleet of 260 planes.

Listen to his interaction at the Arabian Travel Market below.

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