Sharjah introduces stricter airport baggage rules
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Sharjah introduces stricter airport baggage rules

Sharjah introduces stricter airport baggage rules

Items that do not meet new size requirements will be turned away

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Sharjah airport authorities have announced new baggage rules that will see improper items turned away.

The new policy is designed to support airport operational performance, reduce improper baggage handling and enhance the airport’s competitiveness in the region.

Under the changes, bags shouldn’t exceed 75cm in height, 60cm in width and 90cm in length and must have at least one level surface.

Furthermore, baggage comprising two bags wrapped together will not be accepted at the airport, which is the home base of low cost carrier Air Arabia.

Items that do not meet the new requirements should be taken to the oversized baggage desk to be processed based on the airline’s weight allowance and on prior arrangements with the Sharjah Aviation Services.

The airport has also launched a service under which the contents of non-compliant and rejected baggage can be transferred to cardboard boxes for a fee.

Aviation authorities have notified the representatives of all airlines operating at the airport about the new policy and informed them that the airport will not receive or handle any baggage that does not comply with it.

Dubai International Airport also introduced extra charges for non-standard baggage earlier this year.

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