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Dubai airport introduces extra charge for non-standard baggage

Dubai airport introduces extra charge for non-standard baggage

The new fee could be passed on to passengers

Dubai International Airport has reportedly introduced an extra charge for baggage that requires manual handling.

Gulf News reports that the charge will be applied to luggage not conforming to the standard size and weight for check-in items.

The new fee is reportedly as high as Dhs45 per piece of baggage requiring manual handling, according to airlines.

The airport’s handling firm Dnata confirmed the updated terms and conditions given to airlines for items deemed “out of gauge”, the publication said.

The additional charge will apply for items that are too small, too large, too light, too heavy, are fragile or that do not have at least one flat surface.

Potential items affected include televisions and unusually shaped bags.

The minimum dimensions are 30cm x 30cm x 7.5cm and a weight of less than 2kg. Items cannot exceed 75cm on any side or have a sum of linear dimensions (length, breadth and height) exceeding 158cm under the maximum dimensions.

Dnata said it is up to carriers to pass the fee on to passengers or absorb it themselves.

However, it will only apply to airlines that have recently renewed their contract with Dubai International following the change.

Dubai airline Emirates has revised its excess baggage charges in response, but doubled the discount to 20 per cent for passengers that purchase the allowance online in advance.


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