Selfologi launches the region’s first cosmetic treatments marketplace
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Selfologi launches the region’s first cosmetic treatments marketplace

Selfologi launches the region’s first cosmetic treatments marketplace

The digital platform redefines how consumers discover, learn about, and book cosmetic treatments

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Selfologi, a Dubai-based digital platform, has launched a cosmetics treatments marketplace that enables users to discover, learn about, and book cosmetic treatments online.

Users may compare hundreds of different practitioners from clinics around the UAE, pick from over ten thousand treatments, and book directly on the site, all of which is curated by the company’s professionals in Arabic and English.

Last night, the platform’s launch took centre stage in Downtown Dubai. For the brand unveiling, the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, was illuminated with a lightshow, allowing viewers to explore the world of cosmetic treatments on The 828-metre-high display was unveiled in the presence of Tamer Wali, founder of selfologi; Rob Pye, CEO of selfologi; industry experts, practitioners, and regional influencers.

“The launch of selfologi’s tech-driven marketplace is a significant step forward in advancing transparency in the region’s cosmetic treatments industry,” said Wali. “We aim to demystify cosmetic treatments and confidently connect users directly with trusted clinics and practitioners, all in one website. Our digital platform brings together verified expert advice, comprehensive treatment guides, and an extensive network of clinics and practitioners to empower our consumers with the confidence they need to succeed in every stage of their personal discovery journey.”

He added: “We are digitally transforming the cosmetic treatments’ ecosystem. We are paving the way for a shift in how local and regional industry leaders showcase their expertise on a global scale. We believe in building a trusted community of partners so that, together, we can collectively contribute to strengthening the UAE’s position on the global map.”

Pye added: “Our marketplace feature has been developed to provide an unbiased view of the clinics and practitioners who offer cosmetic treatments, in order to empower consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about cosmetic treatments. For us, it’s not about promoting services or persuading people to take a treatment, it’s about making sure we’ve provided valuable and entertaining content, for consumers to understand a complex and sometimes intimidating category. The decision to explore a cosmetic treatment is an extremely personal one and people can come to selfologi safe in the knowledge they’ll receive trusted and original content, to help them make a decision that’s right for them. At the same time, we are enabling practitioners to strengthen – and build – their digital presence, showcasing the full breadth of their credentials and treatments to an engaged audience.”

selfologi is centred around an intuitive and adaptive search engine, to highlight to consumers where they can find the best clinics and practitioners. Users can directly search for their preferred treatments on the website, or filter their choices by treatment type, clinic, practitioner, location, devices or price. This is supported by an end-to-end booking journey for both consumers and clinics. All clinics and practitioners are thoroughly vetted and selfologi will be collecting user-generated ratings and reviews, building a like-minded community, to help other users make the right decision for themselves.

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