Saudi's NCA to host Global Cybersecurity Forum in November
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Saudi’s NCA to host Global Cybersecurity Forum in November

Saudi’s NCA to host Global Cybersecurity Forum in November

Two-day forum will be held in Riyadh bringing together policymakers, governments, business, cybersecurity experts, academia and NGOs

Global cybersecurity Forum

The Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF), a platform driving the global cybersecurity agenda founded and hosted by the Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), will be held in Riyadh on November 9-10, 2022. The theme for the two-day event is Rethinking the Global Cyber Order with the forum addressing the rapidly evolving macroeconomic, geo-political, and strategic considerations shaping global cybersecurity.

Following its 2020 debut and the virtual dialogue in 2021, this year’s in-person event will bring together key decision-makers and executives from around the globe, including high-level government officials, c-suite executives, international organisations, expert communities, NGOs and academia. The event will explore five sub-themes covering a broad range to deliver on its ambition to contribute to the development of a more stable and resilient cyberspace.

The first sub-theme, geo-cyber evolution, focuses on understanding the evolving international cyberspace order. Sessions will explore focus areas such as geo-technological competition and conflict, and opportunities for a stable and peaceful cyberspace.

Under the second sub-theme, disruption frontier, current and future cybersecurity threats will be mapped and harnessing future technologies as solutions will be explored.

The third sub-theme, cyber economics, determines how leveraging market forces, incentives, and economic governance shape cyberspace. These sessions will look at the economics-based dynamics that influence behaviour in cyberspace, double click into the collaborative, proactive actions public and private sectors can take to advance innovation in cybersecurity, and analyse the psychology of cybercriminals.

In order to examine the human dimensions of cybersecurity and how it intersects with the workforce, the fourth sub-theme, future of cyber work, will feature sessions on how to attract, retain, and foster highly skilled talent through understanding challenges and incentivisation and the different dimensions of competition.

The final sub-theme, no one left behind, seeks to bridge global cyber divides and ensure that cybersecurity benefits and supports all people and societies. Sessions will identify key challenges women face in cybersecurity and how to address root causes, how to foster greater diversity and inclusion, and how to ensure children globally can safely benefit from the opportunities presented by cyberspace.

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