Saudi's Madinah hit by earthquake
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Saudi’s Madinah hit by earthquake

Saudi’s Madinah hit by earthquake

The tremor was recorded at 2:59pm


A 2.5 magnitude earthquake was experienced in the Saudi holy city of Madinah on Tuesday afternoon, the Saudi Geological Society said.

The tremor was recorded at 2:59pm and was described as “very weak and not dangerous” by state-run Saudi Press Agency.

General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection spokesperson Tariq Abal Khail said it occurred 14km northwest of Madinah city and tremors were felt in nearby regions.

Civil defence forces in Madinah said they received a number of calls from residents in townships west of the city regarding the earthquake but no damage was reported.

The director of civil defence in Madinah, brigadier general Abdulrahman Al-Harbi, urged specialists to closely monitor the situation and issue reports.

A 3.0 magnitude earthquake previously struck west of the coastal city of Jeddah in October.

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