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Saudi slashes visit visa fee for Pakistanis

Saudi slashes visit visa fee for Pakistanis

The single-entry visit visa fee has been cut from $533 to $90

Saudi Arabia has slashed the visit visa fees for Pakistani nationals, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad announced on Saturday.

The fee cut, effective from February 15, will see the single-entry visit visa fee cut from SAR2,000 ($533) to SAR338 ($90) while the multiple entry visa fee has been reduced from SAR3,000 ($800) to SAR675 ($180).

The latest move is hoped to benefit the families of more than two million Pakistanis who live in the kingdom.

The announcement of the dramatic cut in fees came ahead of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s first official state visit to Pakistan on Sunday.

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Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are expected to sign a number of deals during the high-profile royal visit, including investment agreements worth more than $10bn.

Saudi has been helping Pakistan in recent months as the Asian nation struggles with a burgeoning current account deficit.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has already visited Riyadh twice since taking office in July.

Last year, Saudi Arabia offered Pakistan a $6bn package that included deferring oil imports payments.

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