Saudi ministry appoints first female commercial attaché
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Saudi ministry appoints first female commercial attaché

Saudi ministry appoints first female commercial attaché

The kingdom is looking to show a more progressive face to the world under an ambitious reform agenda


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment has appointed its first female commercial attaché.

Samar Bint Mazin Saleh will take on the role at the Saudi Commercial Attaché’s Office in Tokyo, Japan, according to local reports.

She is fluent in English, Arabic and Italian, holds a master’s degree in journalism and international media from City University in London and has completed an executive leadership programme at US university Harvard.

Saleh’s most recent position focussed on trade exchange at the commercial attaché’s office at Saudi Arabia’s Italian embassy.

In the role she covered non-oil exports and coordinated Saudi-Italian exchange.

Last year, the Saudi embassy in Washington appointed Fatimah Baeshen as its first female spokesperson under a wider push to see women play a more active role in society.

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The announcement came shortly after a historic decision to end the kingdom’s female driving ban.

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In the months before and after the kingdom has appointed the first female chairperson of its stock exchange and its first female sports vice president.

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A number of previously restricted job roles have also been opened to women including soldiers at the Directorate of Public Security, investigative officers at the Public Prosecution and immigration offices at the passport office.

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