Saudi aims to employ 100,000 nationals in the healthcare sector

The ministry expects to achieve the target by 2030

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has outlined plans to nationalise various parts of the healthcare sector with the aim of employing 100,000 Saudis.

Arab News reports that the ministry will implement a performance measurement system, define specifications for healthcare licences and provide training opportunities in specialised areas under the plans.

Through these measures the ministry expects to achieve the target by the year 2030.

A MoH report cited by the publication recorded 38,548 doctors and dentists worker for the ministry last year, of which 11,483, or 29.9 per cent, were Saudi.

In assistant medical categories 39,307, or 92.9 per cent, of the 53,077 workers were nationals.

However, of the 81,532 doctors and dentissts in the country less than a quarter were Saudi (19,029), while 37.2 of the 165,324 nursing staff were Saudi and 20.6 per cent of the 22,241 pharmacists were Saudi.

In the assistant medical category 72.6 per cent of the 94,960 workers were Saudi.

Earlier this week, local reports said the country’s Ministry of Labour and Social development had formed a joint committee with the MoH to develop the Saudisation plan.

Saudi to nationalise health, automobile sectors

Saudi to nationalise health, automobile sectors

The kingdom is said to be targeting more than 15,000 jobs for Saudis in the pharmaceutical sector alone.