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Uber to offer electric vehicle service in Dubai

Uber to offer electric vehicle service in Dubai

UberOne will be available from this week

Ride hailing company Uber has announced a partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) to offer a Tesla electric vehicle service to UAE customers.

The UberOne option will be available on the app from October 10, allowing users to hail a vehicle from a pool of 50 electric cars recently procured by DTC for its limo fleet.

The DTC contract includes Tesla Model S and X vehicles.

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Uber said the vehicles would offer lower per-mile operating costs for divers compared to conventional cars. Dubai introduced free charging stations, fee waivers and other perks for electric vehicle owners last month.

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“We are tremendously excited to be the exclusive ride-hailing partner for this fleet of premium electric vehicles in Dubai, in partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation, and for the clean vehicle technology to deliver our driver-partners and riders with more efficient, less-polluting mobility,” said Chris Free, general manager for Uber UAE.

Uber is also working with authorities in Dubai to offer cheaper transport options for consumers.

Current laws mean it and rival Careem must charge fares that are 30 per cent higher than local taxis.

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